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Ignite Change: Let's Change the World Together!

December 16, 2023 Amanda Quick
The Amanda Quick Show
Ignite Change: Let's Change the World Together!
The Amanda Quick Show
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Ever found yourself wrestling with feelings of dissatisfaction and overwhelm, and wondered what the deeper messages behind those emotions could be? This week, my journey of self-discovery and introspection has led to profound realizations about my drive to make a significant impact and the gift that each of us harbors within, waiting to be unleashed. Through this narrative, I'll share my experiences and the transformative potential of our personal traumas, all towards spurring positive change. Also, we'll navigate the inspiring ethos of our 'Milky Way' community, a beacon of support for those compelled to change the world.

In the course of this soul-searching dialogue, we'll delve into the potency of fostering a community that appreciates diverse outlooks, encourages self-expression, and champions collective action. You'll get a glimpse of my emotional and spiritual evolution, the resistance faced against societal norms, and the fine line between letting things be and inciting change. Moreover, I'll walk you through my journey of self-understanding that inspired the inception of a nonprofit. Embark on this enlightening exploration to grasp the profound lessons hidden within our experiences and their power to ignite positive transformation.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Amanda Quake Show. I'm your host, amanda Quake, today's episode. I'm going to share a little bit about what's been going on with me. I skipped last week's episode because, honestly, I didn't feel very good and taking care of myself is important, but what transpired through the last couple of weeks since the last Aaron episode has been enlightening, honestly, even this evening, as thinking about what I was going to share with you all had more information for me. Let's see where to even begin. I've been sitting with myself and what I'm doing in all areas of my life and this is something I do all the time and I don't know that everybody lives like this, but I certainly do there's this drive in me to do something, to feel like what happened to me. My story matters and I expect that a lot of people who've been through bigger traumas have this, but I don't necessarily think that everybody does For me. If what I'm doing doesn't feel like I'm making some bigger impact, I start to feel like I'm missing something in my life, I'm missing the point and it sends me in an emotional spiral, it sends me down a rabbit hole and sometimes it takes me some time to get up and a lot of times it sparks new ideas and new things to launch or new things to do, and sometimes it takes me a minute to connect all of the dots. And I've talked before about safety mental, physical, emotional and spiritual safety and there's a big piece of that there and, for me, some things that I've realized is as I've grown in my understandings and as I've healed from things and as I really try to step out and help other people do the same. I really have to embody all of the spectrums. I can't just be in my mind. That worked for a really long time. It was my choice of experience for a long time. But now, in order to amplify all of that, I have to have all of the layers and pieces, and if I don't, or some part is speaking up loudly and I'm not listening, my whole system goes out of whack, and so I spent all of last week down with a pretty bad migraine. My whole physical experience was really uncomfortable. My body has been really tight and in a lot of it was stemming. What I learned, what I realized, was overwhelmed, that I was feeling completely overwhelmed with everything going on and also not stimulated in the way that I needed to be, and I don't know about you, but feeling bored or not, like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, is exhausting. I don't know about anybody else out there, but for me, if I'm not feeling purposeful in my actions, in the steps I'm taking, I sort of zone out and then I zone out and I live in this zoned out space and I watch too much Netflix and that boredom leads to overwhelm and exhaustion because it's not actually what I want and it feels like a different expression of me than who I am right now. And I spent all of last week there, really uncomfortable, finally came out of it, scheduled a massage, tried to really focus on taking care of my physical body, like it was asking for, but also looking at why, like what is this all about? You know, I've been on this journey for a few years now. I'm sharing my story, I'm preparing to give my TEDx talk, I'm launching things in my business, I'm starting my nonprofit, I have a full time job, I have three kids, I got a lot of trajectories and yet they all feel important. And so sitting with why I'm still feeling dissatisfied in certain areas of my life and what exactly that's trying to tell me, because on some level, it's trying to tell me something because I wouldn't be feeling it. And this week, even sitting with, I'm making a plan to what am I going to share in my community over the next year. Because it feels like it needs more structure and it feels like I need to be clear about what exactly we're coming in community to do together. And, yes, digging deeper into the healing work and finding safety in self and all of those pieces. But for why? What am I actually putting out into the world? What am I actually trying to accomplish? And sitting with that is really where I've been this week and asking myself some really big questions and asking myself what's important to me actually and what do I actually want? What am I actually doing? And it seems flippant and ridiculous, but my answer to that is I want to change the flippant world. Like I want to change the world, and it seems huge, massive, impossible, and yet that's my truth. That's actually what I believe I'm here to do. It seems crazy and insane, but the other reality is I can't do it myself. And I think a lot of people say, you know, be the change. I mean it. I don't believe I've been through hard things for no reason. I don't believe anybody has been through hard things for no reason. Our stories carry so many lessons and messages, and if we can't use them to do something that's important, then to me there wasn't a point, and that's not a reality I choose to exist in. There is a point, there's a point for everything, and so if there's a point for everything and everybody who's been through hard things has this gift inside them, this amazing gift wrapped up in a bow that they can use, then if we all got together and used them and shared it and talked about it and collaborated together, what could we possibly do? Well, we'd change the damn world. Right, that's what I want. That's what I want. I want to feel like what I went through matters, what everybody went through matters, that we can activate ourselves to move, and that those traumatic experiences were like catalytic experiences. They sparked energy that was already there. They sparked a mission that was already there. Just batter up. And it sparks drive in people because they never want anybody else to experience what they did. And it sparks this movement, but until we figure out how to feel safe. A lot of times we've maybe figured out how to feel physically safe, but until we recognize emotional and mental and spiritual safety, makes it really hard to go use that spark and use that message and use that story. And so I feel like a lot of times what comes next is getting the rest of the pieces lined up, is understanding what was catalyzed. What's the thing you're here to do? What's the change you want to see in the world? Whatever that is. Not everybody's going to want to change the whole world. Some people want to change one part of the system, maybe it's education system, maybe it's legal system, maybe it's medical system, maybe it's simply within your own small community or family or family line or whatever. Whatever spark for you, whatever that thing is, that set off a I don't want anybody else, or I don't want my kids to experience that, or I don't want other domestic violence victims to experience that, or I don't want other students to experience that, I don't want other patients to experience that. Whatever the thing is for you, there's a spark there and that what is going to be that catalyst that helps you understand the point of what you're doing. But the next step still is to understand why and how and who you need to be to do those things and finding safety in all of those levels of self sometimes can happen quickly, but a lot of times take some deeper work because those understandings and installations have been there since early childhood the ways that we were taught to operate and express our emotions or not, the ways that we were taught to talk to ourselves, the ways that we were taught to put others above ourselves and not see ourselves as equal to so many versions of this. And coming into community with other people who want to do big things, with big stories, can help us see ourselves as equal to those people and can help see ourselves as important and the things we've gone through important and how we operate within ourselves, how we realize that finding safety within self helps that translate and helps us understand the actions we need to take. It helps us find that momentum and actually go do it. That's the thing I realize this week, honestly, today, that who I want to be in community with is people who, yes, are transparent and vulnerable, like I have been, and people who have something to say to the world. People who have got a story whether that's direct experience or another story that they have and lessons they want to share, and the other big piece that I think I was missing was people who want to take action. That matters to me. Action takers, people not just talking about change in the world, people who aren't just complaining about the way that things are, but the people who want to stand up and do something about it. That have that have a drive inside of them. They have this momentum inside of them. Those people being in the community and helping those people find levels of safety so that they do feel safe to share their stories, they do feel like their lessons are important, they stop beating themselves and sitting in judgment and shame and they feel safe in their physical experience so they can take action and they know they're worthy and capable of doing so. That if all of us got together, what could we do? Right, like that sounds exciting, and so I'm realizing that the community that I'm building, the people I'm calling in, are those people. Those people who have a big story too, yes, and they know there's more out there for them in that story. They know there's lessons and sharing and change they can use in that story and they have the drive to do something about it, to advocate, to share, to take things to the media, to write a book to, whatever version of it is, and I don't have any desire to control how somebody picks their version of experience or how even somebody chooses to change things, as long as their intention is to change things in a way that provides safety for themselves and others. I wanna change the world in the sense that we're creating a safe world, a world that is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually safe for all beings who choose to exist here. That's the world I wanna create for everybody to feel like they have a place where they can unravel who they are, that they can experience their choice of expression here. To feel like we're raising children who get to be encouraged and things that matter to them and to, instead of highlighting the things they're not good at, let's encourage them more of what they are good at, because we all have little geniuses when they're little, and then they go to school and they get indoctrinated into. This is what matters. These are the things that have value in society, and while that's been true for so long, if enough of the world starts to change, what's actually gonna be valued is people expressing the truest form of themselves. To me, that's the world that I want to build, that I want to change this existence into is one that feels safe for people to trust themselves, to be their full expression, whoever that is. We're all beautiful, unique beings with lessons and stories and experiences that carry so much value, so much value. And it breaks my heart that people think it's not safe to share those stories, that it's not safe to be themselves, that their emotions are too much, their ideas are too ridiculous, or it will never work out, or all of the stories that we get told, or people won't pay for that, or it'll never be anything. If you focus on that Pisses me off. It pisses me off because that's just not true. That installation is just not true. And if we start to see ourselves as unique expressions of all the types of energy and we all have beautiful wisdom to share, and that we can create anything, if we stop fighting with each other and stop repelling ideas that aren't our own and stop thinking that only our version of understanding is true, our version of understanding is true with our current level of perspective, sure, but our level of understanding isn't true for all perspectives, because you don't have all the information. None of us do. And if we can be in that, if we can be the student and the teacher at the same time and we can sit in learning and community and opportunity all together. That's the world I wanna create. I truly believe that we can change the world. If we all felt safe in our experiences and we all felt like we understood who we were and why we were here, and felt like we had this spark inside of us to take action. Wherever that spark is coming from, what could we accomplish? I was sitting in a very emotional place this evening and that's not my norm. I usually sit in a much more in my head place and rationalize and try to conceptualize everything and understand, because that's been my chosen safe place. That's been where I've been most celebrated and understood, and usually how I speak to people, the way that I relate to people, is on a mental level. But over the last couple of years I've really Not intentionally, but I've really had to step into more of my emotional, spiritual self. And so when those emotions come, those almost unconscious, uncontrollable emotions, my previous default has been to shut them down. Oh, I'm gonna look at them uncomfortable, I'm gonna pretend they're not there. But I didn't. But I know that now that that's not the best way and I really sat in it this week and I sat in the physical body responses and I sat in my feelings, knowing how flippant, uncomfortable they were, but also that there was more on the other side of it, because I think, those of us who are here with these bigger missions whatever that is, however you want to call it we have this drive and we're not happy, we don't feel fulfilled until we're moving in that direction. We don't feel like we're on the right path. We're constantly I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm constantly pushing uphill, I'm constantly going against the stream all of the analogies here I feel like I'm constantly making things harder because I don't like how things are. And yet, as it was pointed out to me that it's a whole lot easier to go with the flow and of course it is but then I feel like I'm not doing anything. So how do we do both? How do we realize that we've set the structure for the stream in a lot of ways and we're setting the energy of what we're calling and what we're doing and why, and we're using that to guide us. We're trusting our plan, we're trusting our minds, because we've gotten to the point where we feel that we know why it's important, because, well, we've been on both sides of it and we can feel that one. And we know what? Because it's likely directly tied to your physical experience and the thing that you want to see changed in the world. And if we know that we're the ones to do it, because we're not any better or any worse than any other human out there, and we see that we are connected to the whole, we are part of the bigger picture of the universe, we are spiritual beings living a human experience, then we have all the pieces and if we feel safe and our full expression of self, well, we become a force to be reckoned with, literally, because we are unstoppable. That's the type of people that I feel like I'm calling. Wherever, wherever y'all are in the world, I want, I want to be in community with you, I want to work with you, I want to collaborate with you and I want to invite you to connect with me, because there is more that we can do. I don't know what it all is, that's not important, but I'm calling those people in now and I'm setting that intention here on this podcast, because I feel like it's really important. A dear, dear friend of mine gave me gave me this quote that I feel like might help some people understand what I'm talking about when I speak about the different energy bodies, and I speak about the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and how we have our chosen form of expression, because there are many texts that talk about physical, mental, emotional, spiritual bodies and, in other words, we could talk about it as mind, body, heart and soul. We've heard that talked about as well, and they all, they all play their roles. But you also can't expect you know somebody who's an emotional empath to all of a sudden change their mind and become a very logical Sherlock Holmes. That's not how it works. Right, we all have the one that feels strongest and feels truest as our own guidance system and our own method of recognizing which path is right for us. But we all also need every single one of these expressions, and the more that we honor how we work with this type of energy and how we work with ourselves and how we feel safe in all levels of self, the easier it is, the easier it is to go forward and to move. And the reality is, as children, we just weren't taught. We just weren't taught how to actually use this and we were, if anything, taught a bunch of conflicting, conflicting coping mechanisms, for if emotions were uncomfortable or if our minds were wrong or if we had an illness, then we must take medication or whatever the thing is, instead of recognizing that every version of our experience was giving us information, giving us some peace to the puzzle of what exactly this experience is about for us and those people who are starting to see that bigger picture and are starting to feel called and drawn to go do something about it in a bigger perspective, in a bigger change, the damn world energy those people need, they need help, they need help and they need to feel safe and seen and heard and validated in that mission. Because I can tell you, as somebody who feels it it feels impossibly big. It feels who am I? Right, I'm a one person who has had a big story. Yes, and I went through hell. Yes, but who the hell am I to think I can change the world? Well, honestly, a person who changes the world is the one who's crazy enough to think they might be able to do it. But I don't think I can do it myself. That's the other piece. I don't think I can do it by myself. I need other people out there who can, in community, together, work together to do this, to call this in and to really understand the importance of what exactly it is we're doing. I truly believe that the more we amplify this mission together, the faster and safer it's going to feel for everybody around us. That's what I want to share with you guys. The culmination of the last two weeks for me is getting that understanding, because I think it felt really untangible, and this happens to me a lot. What's the point of all of it? What's the point of what we're doing? What's the point of this experience? What's the point of writing a book or sharing my story, or what's the point of any of it? The point is I have a drive. If I don't listen to it, my emotions will take over, my body will take over, everything else will take over. Until I follow that energy, until I follow the drive to keep going, to trust that there is a deeper reason. I don't have to know all the details, I don't have to know what it is, yet I do know that I have pieces for people to help activate this in them. I do know that I am a safe place, because I have been there. I have been there, I can feel all of the things and I can help hold that safe place for people. I also can encourage the shit out of anybody who also has this drive, because I don't want to be alone in this mission to change the world. I don't want to be alone when it comes to navigating the ridiculous legal system that we all have. My nonprofit is one aspect of the world I want to change because that's the one I have direct experience with. Launching my nonprofit to help people fighting for custody from their abusers and their children's abusers is deeply personal to me. Yes, that's one aspect that I want to help. I also want to help activate more people to find their aspect and to find their purposeful thing, and whether that's legal, medical, education, community, family, I don't care, that's not important. But there's something in you, a drive to change something. There's advocacy, awareness, sharing that has huge potential. These carry lessons, they carry messages, and the more we feel safe to share them, the more we know how purposeful they are, the more we take it as our personal mission and our method and our vehicle to change the world, the more we feel healed and whole with itself for the fact that this experience happened to us in the first place. I believe that all of it has a value. We just have to find it. We have to find the gift inside of it. We have to realize the shame was important, it was useful and we can use it just as we can use anger, and that whatever catalyzed you to get out of whatever situation you were in, there's more there you can do if you want to, and there's no right and wrong way to do it. There's no right and wrong way to share your story. There's no right and wrong way to advocate or to create, but if you can help find your choice of expression and you can find safety in all of the other aspects of self, you can then have your own personal guidance system to do just that and together, all together, with the same mission, to create this safe world for everybody to thrive and grow and learn in. That feels like a mission worth fighting for truthfully, and that is what I want to share with you guys today on this podcast. And if you are feeling this call, if you feel like this, this is your mission too and you want support, you want to be in community with others and you want to feel safe in this unraveling, as you discover what it exactly is you want to do and why and how and who you will need to become in order to do it. I invite you to join me in the Milky Way community, where we are bridging in all of these past experiences with the change that you desire to create, in using them together to be this amplification. This is the point of all of it to use our stories to learn and to grow together to create something even better. Thank you, guys, so much. I will put the link in the show notes and I hope to see you there. Talk next week.

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